If 8 March was “International Women’s Day”, then the 11th of March was Women’s football day!

The Romanian Football Federation, Policy Center for Roma Foundation and Global Shapers Bucharest hub organized Saturday, in the sports hall of the 136 Middle School in Ferentari, the Women’s Football Festival “Live your Goals”.

The event organized in partnership with the administration of the 5th Sector of Bucharest and FARE Network took place under the FIFA project “Live your goals”, that has the objective of attracting as many female football players possible, growing the popularity of women’s football and involving as many women as possible in this sport.

180 girls up to 14 years old put on a pink sporting kit and practiced different basic exercises divided in groups, working on techniques for hitting the ball with their foot and headers. Some of the people that helped the girls develop their coordination and mobility and challenged the girls in different interactive games with the ball were the head coach of the Women’s National team Mirel Albon, and two of the members of the national team Ioana Bortan and Stefania Vatavu. Together, the two female players hold 3 titles of “Player of the year”.

“It is a great joy to see so many girls playing football! The girls in Romania want to play this sport, and have the necessary abilities. This festival is only a first step, many of the girls present here will continue in football, and this means a bright future for the national team”, said Mirel Albon, the head coach of the National Team.

“Through these types of events, the girls have the opportunity to practice the sport that they love. When I was their age, I didn’t even know women’s football existed in Romania”
Stefania Vatafu, Midfielder Romania

“Our objective is to show the beauty of this sport. Live your goals means following a dream that can come true. I saw a lot of women with talent that can remain in football”, Alin Cioban pointed out, the President of the Women’s football committee part of RFF.
Women’s football day continued with a series of games played by women coming from different social backgrounds that competed for the title of best team of the event. Mothers, students, former football players and employees of companies, all of them enjoyed the game, focusing on the importance of team work and mutual support.